Breast massage

Breast massage with a massage crystal is a simple and natural way for younger and older women to promote healthy and beautiful breasts. It is also a nice way to get in touch with your own body and breasts. To show yourself care and love.

The massage takes about 5 minutes per day. Try to make the massage a habit, for example every day when you take off your bra, before/after brushing your teeth or when you shower.

For an easier massage, use oil ( coconut oil , olive oil, almond oil, choose the oil you like) or lotion while performing the massage. Breast massage is most effective if you start with nearby areas (neck, armpit).

What are the benefits of breast massage?

  • Stimulates blood circulation, keeps the breast tissue healthy
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage and helps eliminate toxins
  • Breaks up benign cysts, tissue and ligament build-up
  • Helps the milk to flow freely, which prevents infection during breastfeeding

Photo: Rose quartz massage crystal

Before you start

Put the crystal between your hands, rub them together to bring up the heat in the crystal. At the same time, you can close your eyes and take a couple of deep, conscious breaths. Release tension in the body.

Begin each massage with a warm-up by pulling the crystal up and down towards the heart. It doesn't matter which end of the crystal you choose.

During the massage

When you perform the massage and feel that it is tense in a certain place, stay there and massage extra at this point. Then continue with the usual massage.

After the massage

When you're done with the massage, bring your hands together in front of your heart and finish with a few affirmations. Get in touch with your breath and heart.

Breast Affirmations:

"My breasts are beautiful and so am I"

"My breasts are light and so am I"

"My breasts are love and so am I"

"My breasts nourish my children"

"I'm grateful for my beautiful breasts"

Photo: Amethyst massage crystal

Carry your massage crystal: For crystal energy

The massage crystals are perfectly shaped to cup your breast. For daily energy, you can wear your crystal in your bra.


Lymphatic massage: To remove toxins

It is important to pump and move in the specific direction as this massage mimics the flow of lymph through the body. Pumping refers to applying light pressure and then releasing so that it can return to its normal position (each pressure and release counts as 1 pump).

  • Start by applying oil or lotion to your chest.
  • Place your massage crystal in the armpit and on the side of the outer chest area and do 15 pumps.
  • Place your massage crystal over the nipple and lift up 15 times.
  • Place your massage crystal on the outside of your chest and pump inward against the chest wall 15 times.
  • Place your massage crystal on the inside of your chest and pump in an angled upward motion 15 times.

Repeat the same sequence on the other breast.

Chi Massage: Promotes firm breasts and natural growth

  • Start by warming up your chest to promote blood flow and circulation. Place one hand on your chest (left hand for right breast and right hand for left breast) and move in a circular motion, do this for about 1-2 minutes.
  • Grab your massage crystal, put a few drops of oil on your breasts and move in a circular motion counterclockwise for your left breast and clockwise for your right breast for 3 minutes.

Repeat the same sequence on the other breast.

Make sure to apply some pressure so that you are moving your actual breast tissue and not just the skin. 

*This massage is best when done right before bed.

Photo: Amethyst, fire quartz and rose quartz massage crystals


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