Epsom salts

Epsom salt can be used by everyone even during pregnancy if you are healthy. Always consult your doctor before using natural products
Note! You should never consume epsom salt
What is Epsom salt?
Epsom salt was discovered in the town of Epsom about 22 km southwest of London, England. The
Epsom salts are not really salt as they do not contain sodium chloride but are a mixture of magnesium and sulfate, two natural minerals that crystallize and form into "salt". Epsom salt has many uses, mainly for its health effects, which are said to have a cleansing effect on the body and relieve muscle tension and pain.​​
Positive benefits for pregnant women:
  • Pregnant women can get relief from sore muscles and back pain in a bath with epsom salts. Magnesium is often recommended to treat cramps/cramps in the legs, a common problem during pregnancy.​​
  • Relieves edema, swelling in the body, something that many pregnant women experience, especially towards the end of pregnancy
  • Many pregnant women find that epsom salt soothes the skin that is stretched with the growing belly.​​
  • Magnesium is said to be a natural stress reducer. Many pregnant women find that epsom salt helps calm the soul

Full body bath:​​
3 dl epsom salt in a filled bathtub with warm water (note: pregnant women 37-38 degrees). Do not use soap/shower cream or shower off the salt afterwards, it counteracts its effects. Feel free to lie in the bath for about 15-20 minutes. Dim the lights, light some candles & listen to relaxing music/selected playlist for the upcoming birth. A nice moment for you & your baby to relax, connect & manifest upcoming birth.
Foot bath:
1/3 dl epsom salt in a bowl, bowl, bucket or similar where your feet can fit with warm water. Let swollen & sore feet lie in the bath for about 10-20 minutes while you read a book, drink a cup of tea or watch your favorite series.

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