Få bort blodfläckar

Remove blood stains

Do not wash garments/sheets in the washing machine or in hot water before the stain has been treated. This is because the protein in the blood hardens/coagulates from heat and then the stain is basically impossible to remove.​​

If you do not have the opportunity to clean at once, it is fine to let the stain dry until you can deal with the stain later before the washing machine.​​

🩸 Let the stain dry or remove it immediately
🩸 Rinse & rub the stain in ice-cold water. Then let it sit and soak for a while in the cold water for about 5 minutes. A little more time and work is usually required for a dried-out stain. Squeeze out of the water.
🩸 Bile soap - liquid or solid. Rub thoroughly into the stain. If it's on, for example, a sheet, make sure that the stain from both sides gets bile soap on it.

Done! Now it's just into the washing machine and the stain won't be found - because it's gone!

I always follow this formula myself because I know it works & it goes fast!

Big hug,

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