Packa BB-väskan

Pack the BB bag

If you search around, you will see a sea of ​​different templates and lists of everything you must have with you and then some. As with everything in life, we need different things.

When we gave birth to our first child in the delivery ward, we and the baby were more or less naked, in hospital clothes or pajamas for the first 1-2 days we were there. It was the last day we put on soft clothes and baby and then go home. I was super stressed before the birth about having to calculate so that everyone would have EXACTLY the right number of changes for the X amount, if any, of days we would be there (absolutely impossible). In the end, with hindsight, I realized that we shouldn't have packed so many clothes.

Keep in mind that the contents of the bag obviously also differ depending on:

  • Do you take a taxi, your own car or a ride?
  • How long are you planning to stay? (Mothers who have given birth are usually allowed to go home earlier than first-time mothers).
  • Is it winter or summer when you give birth (think about clothes for you and the baby)?
  • Are there one, two or more babies to be born?
  • Have you planned a vaginal or caesarean birth?
  • Do you have any illness (bring medicine, set the alarm)?
  • Have you planned to breastfeed or bottle?

In most maternity wards and aftercare wards in Stockholm, there are towels, wet wipes/washcloths, diapers and normal soap as well as maternity pads and fishnet panties. You probably won't stay at BB for several days, so think about what you can't do without for 1-3 days.

They usually have a wheat pillow/warmer, sometimes during childbirth.

Babynest is sometimes available. Pain tablets are available at the hospital. Food and toilet paper are of course also available. 

You are considered the full-fledged 38+0, which is then a good idea to have the bag ready. But as with everything else - some want to have the last week of the second trimester done and some throw various things together during the latency phase. They are different!



  • Nice, soft clothes, at least 1 change
  • Underwear (preferably extra large, comfortable, soft for you giving birth)
  • Nursing bra + possible nursing insert
  • Pajamas/nightgown/dressing gown/kimono
  • Slippers/cozy socks

  • MY OWN PILLOW (a must for me, provides reassurance of the smell from home and soft and cuddly just the way I want it).


  • Baby protection (car seat for baby)
  • Change 1-2 pcs (tip - wrapped bodysuits)
  • Cozy blanket
  • Soft toy/toy
  • Hat and socks/slippers


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste 
  • Shower soap (preferably with a good smell, I still remember the shower after giving birth as a hallelujah moment!)
  • Shampoo and conditioner (if you have vomited, sweated and everything that belongs to a birth, it can be nice to wash your hair)
  • Lip balm for delivery (GOLD) even after
  • Lotion/cream
  • Massage oil (before delivery and after)
  • Hair brush and hair ties (lots of hair ties, you usually don't want to train with loose hair the same ones when you give birth. And God forbid if a hair tie breaks! Bring extra!)


  • ID documents
  • Preferably a water bottle with a built-in straw 
  • Birth certificate (please bring two copies, read previous posts HERE )
  • Food, bars, sweets, drinks (things that can be at room temperature)
  • Book/magazine/card deck/knitting/needlework
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Phone, ipad, computer, camera and power bank/accompanying charger
  • Money/bank card
  • Earplugs/eye mask (I myself am extremely sensitive to sound & light)

Good luck & big hugs,

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