Nybörjarguide yoni ägg

Beginner's guide to yoni eggs

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When you have received your yoni egg, you want to check that the egg is perfectly fine.

Gemstones are fragile so it is important to keep inspecting your gemstone before each use:


If you notice a blemish on your gemstone, you should inspect it to ensure that it does not pose a risk.

Surface scratches are quite common with many gemstones. As long as there is no sharp edge, your gemstone is considered safe to use.

Cracks on your gemstone can compromise the integrity of your gemstone and should not be used internally. If the crack is large and runs along and around the gemstone, this may be a sign of "splitting" and is an area where your stone may break in half.

Internal fractures are more common within certain gem families. If you notice an internal fracture in your gemstone, you want to make sure it doesn't rise to the surface.

Inclusions are natural impurities found in the gemstones and develop while the stone is processed in nature's womb. These "marks" are sealed into the gem and do not hinder the use of the gem.

When not to use yoni eggs?

  • If you have any current medical conditions, you should consult your doctor before using yoni eggs.
  • Women who are pregnant should refrain from using yoni eggs (unless the doctor says otherwise).
  • Women who have an IUD in place should refrain from using yoni eggs.

When can you start using yoni eggs after childbirth?

The rule of thumb is that when your doctor or midwife gives you the ok to start having sex again, you can start using your yoni egg. You want to let your uterus heal completely before you start revitalizing it. This applies to both vaginal and caesarean births.

Physical cleaning

After checking your yoni egg, you should give it a thorough cleaning. Clean your egg in warm (not boiling) water with a mild, non-harsh soap or with Gemstone yoni's organic and vegan yoni and gemstone cleanser . Then dry the small drilled hole as well.

It is important to clean your gemstone properly after each use to preserve the stone and avoid bacterial growth.

Never boil - and/or freeze your gemstone, this can cause cracks and ruin your egg.


Yoni eggs go far beyond just strengthening and toning your yoni. To get the most out of your yoni egg journey, you can also clean, charge and connect to your yoni egg before using it in addition to the physical cleaning:

  • Clean

Cleansing your yoni gem removes any lingering negative energy it may have picked up before coming to you. One way to cleanse your yoni egg is by burning sage. Smudge your yoni egg by burning sage or Palo Santo over your crystal so that the purifying smoke absorbs the yoni egg and the surrounding area.

*When you buy one or more yoni eggs from Fødende kraft, you will receive a bundle of white sage to be able to cleanse your yoni egg.

  • Load

Once you have cleansed your yoni egg, you will want to charge her. A gem never loses its energy, but it's always a good idea to give it some extra juice.

You can charge your yoni egg in:

Sunlight or moonlight
Place your gem under the sun or moonlight. Let sit for a couple of hours or as long as you feel it is needed.

Sea salt
Place your gemstone in a bowl of sea salt and allow the salt to charge.

  • Contact

You will soon be ready to start using your yoni egg, but first try to bond and connect with your egg. Put into words your intentions for what you want to accomplish on your journey, out loud or within yourself while holding the crystal between your hands. Repeat your intentions until you feel them set.

Are you missing string?

Use regular dental floss (preferably eco, read what they contain) or natural hemp string.

Cut a string about 20-25 cm and bend it in half. Thread the bent part through the hole of the egg to create a loop on one side. Then thread the two loose ends on the other side through the loop.

A tampon string is about 13 cm long.

Now you are ready to start using your yoni egg!

How to insert your egg:

Choose a safe place where you can relax and not be disturbed/interrupted. To create a relaxing and cozy environment; dim the lights, light candles and/or incense, put on meditative music. Give yourself a body massage with the oil of your choice. Make sure you don't freeze and wear clothing of your choice; e.g. dress, kimono or nude.

You don't have to use any kind of lubricant, but if you want, you can use organic coconut oil or intimate oil from Lip intimate care . The lubricant softens the tissues of your yoni and makes insertion easier.

If you want, you can give yourself a sensual massage to warm up your body and get it ready for your yoni egg. Others also massage their breasts and yoni to awaken sexual energy. Feel what feels right for you.

Remember to relax and breathe, it is not uncommon for the body to tense up when doing something new. Be kind and sensitive to yourself. Take it step by step. Should your yoni and body not be ready for the egg one day - be sensitive to this, ask yourself what you need or choose to lay the egg on top of your uterus.

Gemstone Yoni recommends inserting the egg point down, but either way works well.

You can use the rounded part to start massaging your yoni before you feel that the body is fully relaxed and ready to release the egg.

Insert the egg carefully, you should never push or force it the egg. Remind yourself of the energy in which the exercises with your yoni egg are performed.

The egg is in place when it sits similar to a menstrual cup, so you shouldn't push the egg in towards the cervix like you do when you insert a tampon.

What if the egg disappears or gets stuck?

Don't worry, your yoni egg can't get stuck! It can only go as far as your cervix, which acts as a wall and keeps the egg in the vaginal canal.

How to extract your egg:

Without string
Get into a deep squat and push out with your vaginal muscles. If necessary, you can use your fingers to get the yoni egg out or try a little jumping up and down.

With string
Gently pull the string and relax the muscles (let the egg slide out slowly and easily).

Clean your egg after each use.
Don't forget to clean the hole, if your egg has one, and change the string after each use.

It is common to get soreness after using your yoni egg.

Store your egg in a safe place for next use.

Thank yourself for the moment you exposed to you, your body and yoni!

When can you move on to a smaller egg?

For those who have given birth and are beginners, a Large egg is recommended. For beginners who have not given birth, a Medium egg is recommended.

8 weeks is a good period of time if the egg has been used regularly. After that, you can move on to Between the Egg.

In between the egg, most women will stay with it as it is a good size for regular use and to maintain strength.

The mini egg is for women who want to dive deeper and get into more advanced exercises. Gemstone Yoni has found that many women never actually switch to the Mini egg because they are comfortable with the Medium size.

Big hug,

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