Ställningar i förlossningspool

Positions for birth pool

Here is an inspiring post about different positions to try in your birthing pool. There are really no right or wrong positions in a birthing pool, follow what feels comfortable for you and your midwife's advice.

Don't forget - it's easy to get overheated and dehydrated. Keep an eye on ventilation, liquid and water temperature. 

Supporting accessories:

  • Shawl/rope - attach to handle for traction
  • Inflatable or waterproof cushion
  • Towels (instead of a pillow & as cooling/heating)
  • Kaya birth stool - birthing stool that can be used in birthing pools without a seat (provides greater opportunity for varying positions)
  • Jug (for support person to pour water over your back)
  • Stable stool (for getting in/out or for support persons to sit on)

Don't forget to always have a towel on the floor next to your birthing pool to avoid a fall accident when getting in and out!

Pictures for the stands are coming :)


Squat in the middle of the birthing pool and hold both handles on the inside or alternatively hold the sides of the birthing pool.

Here you can get movement by rocking/rocking.

You also get the opportunity to feel the baby's head if you squirm in this position.

Your partner can be behind you in the birthing pool in this position. Then he has the opportunity to massage your back, hold a cold towel against your neck or hip press.

You can also squat down next to one of the sides so that you get support for your back and put your arms up along the sides of the birthing pool, support your head with a pillow/towel if necessary.

Partners can sit opposite and receive the baby or help with their hands as "traction" (you hold each other's hands).

On all fours

Stand on all fours in the birthing pool, in this position you get the opportunity to move a lot, rocking your hips and upper body.

Try rocking on all fours when the pain sets in and then lean back on your knees to rest still, in pain rest.

On all fours, support persons can rinse your back/hip with warm jugs of water or give a massage. Very nice to have cold towels on your neck and/or forehead. 


Hang on one of the sides of the birthing pool while kneeling, rocking/rocking your hips.

Many people like to cuddle on their knees, then you also have the opportunity to feel the baby's head and receive the baby yourself if you want.

Alternatively, you can stand on your knees in the middle of the birthing pool with your partner/support person behind you in the pool.

If you hang on the edge, it is easy for a support person to touch or massage your neck/shoulders from the outside or embrace in a hug. In the embrace, your partner can whisper words of encouragement in your ear and hold hands.

Alternatively, partner is behind you in the birthing pool and applies pressure to the lower back or sides of the hips (hip press). 


Rest on your side with your head on a pillow on one wall/side of the birthing pool. The birthing pool is soft and with the warmth of the water it is easy to doze off between contractions, make sure support people are close and the water level is not too high.

Alternatively, you can put your head against one end of the birthing pool, prop up with a pillow/towels if needed and let the water carry you into a lying position, similar to how you lie in a bathtub. It is important that the water level is not too high, as you can lose your stability (follow the birthing pool's recommendations). Here, a partner or other support person can sit on a stool outside the birthing pool and hold your shoulders from behind.

Partner embrace

If your partner is in the birthing pool with you, lean/put your back against them for both physical and emotional support and closeness.
In this position , your partner can hug and hold you, massage or caress your stomach. It is a very intimate position where partners get to "experience" the birth. A similar position takes place on the delivery stool. 

Video for inspiration:

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