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Birth on your terms - Maria Bengtsson Lenn, Victoria Häggblom

Pregnant with body and soul - Maria Bengtsson Lenn, Victoria Häggblom

Give birth without fear - Susanna Heli

To give birth - Gudrun Abascal

Facing the pain of childbirth - Gudrun Abascal

Caesarean section - Maria Engström

Breastfeeding in need and desire - Lin Dalén

Breastfeeding in everyday life - Marit Olanders

Baby signs - Ulrika Casselbrant

Baby on the potty : your guide to EC and potty training - Ulrika Casselbrant

Cesarean birth : cut check & mother role - Mia Fernando, Louise Winblad



The childbirth podcast

The water is running

Babyz podcast

The BVC podcast

The pregnancy podcast

The midwifery podcast

Facebook groups

Late umbilical cord removal - the child's birthright

Breastfeeding support's closed group

Helping mothers answer - Amningshjälpen's advisory group

Childbirth podcast - Support and Shared Experiences

Natural childbirth

Colic children support group

Swedish support group for short lip and tongue tie

Baby Potting - Diaper Free Baby Discussion Group

Doula in Sweden

Home birth in Scandinavia: Home birth in Scandinavia

Traumatic childbirth - Support group

Feeding with support

Birth injury? You're not alone!

Feel free to share tips in the comments on books, Facebook groups, podcasts and other sources that you yourself have liked for pregnancy, childbirth and new parents. We all have different needs, so any tips are more than welcome!

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