Birth pool in a box

"The only inflatable birthing pool I wholeheartedly recommend.”

- Barbara Harper, international water birth advocate and founder of Waterbirth international.

1. Is Birth Pool in a Box the right birthing pool for me?

Inflatable BPIAB pools have been used for thousands of births across Europe.
Birth pool in a box comes in two sizes: Regular and Mini in both personal and professional design.

The Regular and Mini birthing pools have been around since December 2005, designed and built with the help of midwives and mothers. The results are robust, safe, comfortable and hygienic birthing pools for use at home or in the delivery ward.

2. How do I choose between the two sizes?

There are many different factors to which size fits you best. Consider the following:

Birth length, if you are very tall, the larger pool (Regular) is recommended.
Companionship in the birthing pool, if you are more than one person in the pool, Regular is recommended.
Amount of water and hot water, if you are short of water and hot water, the smaller pool (Mini) is recommended.
Space for the pool, if you are short on space where the pool is to be used, Mini is recommended.

3. Does Birth pool in a box have disposable liners?

Yes. Disposable liners are included in every birth pool from Nordic birth and can also be purchased separately from SEK 650 each (including shipping in Sweden). The liner is held securely in place by the handles at each end of the birthing pool.

We strongly recommend using a disposable liner when using the birthing pool, partly to facilitate cleaning but also if you want to be able to use the birthing pool again. When reusing the same birthing pool without a liner, you do so at your own risk, as the possibility of blood and infection spreading increases.

4. How long does it take to inflate a Birth pool in a box birth pool?

It takes about 10 minutes to inflate the birthing pool using an electric air pump. The air pump we sell costs SEK 359 and is available with both an EU plug and a UK plug.

6. How heavy is the birthing pool when filled?

The weights for the two birth pools are as follows:

Poolsize            Wight with water                       Weight including mother 
Regular                  650 kg                                    730 - 770 kg
Mini                        480 kg                                    560 - 600 kg

7. Are the sides of the birthing pool firm enough?

The birthing pool has been specially designed to be firm enough to allow the mother, midwife or companion (max 95kg) to sit on the sides when entering and exiting the pool or to lean on during labour. The material used is 0.38mm PVC and the seams are joined with a high frequency welding process which fuses the two pieces of material into one.

8. Is the birthing pool deep enough for a safe birth?

The water depth in your birthing pool is important above all if you plan to deliver the baby in the birthing pool. The birthing pools are marked on the inside with the desired water level.

A woman needs at least 46 cm of water to use the water's buoyancy effect.

At the expulsion stage (when the baby is born) it is important that the baby remains completely underwater until its head is raised above the surface of the water. The baby must therefore not be born from water in the womb, take a breath and then go back into the water. This risks activating the baby's breathing reflex.

Both the Regular and Mini birthing pools are 66cm deep internally (71cm externally and with a 5cm cushioned inner floor).