After use

Empty the pool of water

There are a few different ways to empty the birthing pool of water:

  • Water pump and hose
  • Buckets
  • Hose water

Water pump and hose
If you are going to empty the birthing pool with a water pump, you first start by using a net to remove any residues such as hair, amniotic membranes, coagulated blood and faeces that got into the water during the birth. This is because it can otherwise create a blockage in the water pump's intake. You can then drain the water using the water pump together with water hose plus faucet connections.

A water pump drains the pool quickly and efficiently, but remember that if water is pumped out in an upward position to, for example, a sink, more work is required of the pump and it takes longer. Therefore, if possible, it is recommended that the pool be emptied into a drain/floor drain "downwards".

Maternity ward: If you want to empty the birthing pool while staff are not on site, we can only refer to the water pump's manual, which says that the water pump should not be used/run without water. If no one is there, you run the risk of this happening, however, you can reduce the risk by purchasing a safety timer, see link: link:

Alternatively, you can empty the water from the birthing pool manually by filling buckets with water and emptying into the nearest drain. This is relatively time-consuming and heavy work.

Hose water
If you want to use the "hose trick", all you need is a hose that you put into the water of the birthing pool while sucking on the other end of the hose. Through this technology, a vacuum is created which means that the water will soon flow through the hose so that you can empty it into the nearest drain, preferably downwards.

Closing (independent discharge method)
When there is not much water left in the birthing pool, the water pump, buckets or hose will not be able to empty any more. Then take off the liner and lift it up so that it forms like a "bag/purse" with water in it. Go to the nearest drain/bathtub and make a cut at the bottom of the liner ("the bag") to empty out the last the water.

The liner is then thrown in the plastic recycling.

Clean birth pool

1. Basic cleaning for rental customers
When the birth pool is completely emptied, the pool is cleaned with warm water, soap and a regular dishcloth. Do not clean the pool with chlorine!

Then rinse the birth pool with plain water and dry. Allow the pool to dry thoroughly before packing it up. It is important that no water is left in cracks or the like as this can form mould.

2. Cleaning and disinfection of purchased pool
Follow the basic cleaning above.

You can surface disinfect the pool with dettol antibacterial surface cleaning wipes. Wipe down the entire pool, especially in inaccessible areas so that bacteria does not attach. It is important that the pool is completely dry before you pack it back in its bag, as moisture in the walls can create mould.

Because the world's market consists of so many different types of surface disinfection, our suppliers cannot answer which brands work in the birthing pools or not.

However, at Nordic birth we rent out birthing pools where we use DAX surface disinfection plus between each user (we have also used 75).

Before we disinfect the pools, the customers have cleaned the pool themselves with soap and water.

We have not seen that our rental pools have been damaged or become more worn by using DAX surface disinfection, however, we cannot guarantee anything as our supplier's advice is that they cannot ensure which products on the market are safe for the birthing pools.

Cleaning water pump

More information and pictures will come shortly.

Place the water pump in a bucket or plastic box with hot water and chlorine. Make sure the water pump suction plugs are attached to the bottom of the bucket. Let the pump stand, not connected to electricity, for at least 10 minutes.

Then pick up the water pump and remove the grille (be careful!) which should prevent dirt from getting into the propeller. When you have removed the grill, there is usually a lot of hair and other dirt inside, remove. You can easily clean here with tops or similar.

Put the parts back and then leave the water pump in the chlorine bath connected to electricity so that the pump flushes itself. The water should be deep enough so that the jet of the water pump does not go too high above the water surface, causing water to spread over the entire room. Let the water pump run for about 10 minutes.

Rinse with clean water, dry and store in a suitable place.

Empty the pool of air

It is necessary to properly empty the pool of air so that it can be put back into its bag. If the pool is not emptied enough, the bag breaks!

1. Open all blow holes that are in the pool, both floor and walls. Let the pool lie and empty itself for about 1 hour.
2. A small amount of air will remain inside the pool. Use the air pump and your body weight to get the last air out.

Follow the instructions below for the best way to fold the birth pool.

Pack up

More information and pictures will come shortly.

1. Fold the pool in half.
2. For larger pools, fold in half again.
3. Start rolling up the pool from the side where there is no blowhole.
4. Once the pool is rolled up like a cinnamon bun, place your bodysuit on top of the pool to get the last bit of air out.
5. Now put the sack on one side of the pool. When you've got the sack around the pool, you can put it on top and pull the rest of the sack over it.

Pool accessories

Disposable products that are not returned:

  • Liner
  • Pool cover (not included with all pools)
  • Debris net
  • Hose

If all disposable products are unopened, these can be sent back to us and you will be refunded SEK 600.

Other accessories are sent back:

  • Water pump
  • Air pump
  • 3 crane couplings
  • Mirror
  • Thermometer