Weight load

Some are worried that the weight of the birthing pool will be too heavy for one's house or apartment.

General calculation

The load of the pool will be approximately 400 kg per square meter (including water and the woman giving birth). The standard when building residential buildings is to be able to load each square meter with 200 kg. Therefore, a point load of 400 kg per square meter should not be a problem. In order to make a more accurate calculation, you need to know what the house is standing on, eg concrete slab, crawl space, etc.

Feel free to download our calculation of each birth pool for free here.

Formula calculation

Regardless of which bathtub or birth pool you have, here is a formula you can use to calculate whether your floor can handle your birthing pool/bath.

Load in kg (max. amount of water) / Area (length x width) = load in kg per m2

Object-oriented calculation

To make an object-specific calculation for your department or residence, we need to see your construction drawings (see what type of floor it is).
With our experience, we know that hospital floors withstand more load than standard private residences.

If you are interested in an object-specific calculation, send an email to hej@nordicbirth.se. We help private individuals, companies and the public sector.

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