Before use

Important info

Inflatable birth pools require careful handling to avoid punctures and cuts that can cause leakage. When you inflate the birth pool and place it in the intended location, check that the floor is free of damage, nails, cracks and other things that could accidentally damage the pool.

Do not use the birth pool for anything other than what it is intended for, e.g. do not let children play in the pool or fill it with things while it is not in use!


Don't open packages that have damage on the outside of the packaging! Applies to both purchase and rental of a birth pool.

Immediately photograph your package's external damage and email it to

When you receive your pool

Allow the birth pool to acclimatize to room temperature before unpacking the pool. You can take the pool out of the package, but leave it in its bag until it reaches room temperature before you unfold it. If the pool is too cold or too hot when you try to set it up, it can cause damage to the birth pool.

Self control

We recommend that you test the set-up of the birth pool with accessories at least 2 weeks before the expected birth to detect any damage and holes and to familiarize yourself with the pool. Applies to both purchase and rental customers.

Also take the opportunity to practice childbirth positions in the pool. You can find tips on childbirth positions here.

Inflate the birth pool and then let it stand for about 4 hours. If the pool holds air, you can fill it with approx. 15 cm/6" of water. Let stand for at least 1 hour, check if leaks occur. Most important for a newly purchased birthing pool.

Remember guide

  • Allow the pool to reach room temperature before set up
  • Test/practice set up of the pool and all accessories 2 weeks before BF
  • Do not leave the pool 100% inflated, this puts unnecessary strain on the pool's seams
  • Keep the pool empty until it is time to use it
  • Do not use the pool for anything other than what it was designed for
  • If you discover any problems, contact immediately

Location of pool


  • Can the floor support the weight of the pool? Help.
  • Is it cosy/secluded in the place you have chosen?
  • Do you have electricity/sockets nearby for e.g. air pump, string lights, music?
  • Do you have the possibility of good ventilation in the room you have chosen?
  • Is it easy to fill and empty the pool with water?
  • Support persons and staff are recommended to have access from three sides of the birt pool in the event of an emergency (lift out the birthing person).

Prepare the floor under the birth pool with either a tarpaulin, incontinence guard, or other means to protect the floor from splashes from the birth pool. We strongly recommend placing towels next to the pool where the laboring woman enters and exits the pool to avoid a fall accident!