La bassine


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La bassine birth pools.

What is the difference between the personal and professional birth pools?
The personal birthing pools are made for personal use, i.e. not for rental/multiple use. They are made of thinner material and therefore weigh less.

The professional pools are made for professional use, i.e. multiple use in maternity wards, by home midwives or when renting. They are made of thicker material to withstand more wear and tear and therefore weigh more.

What is the difference between Original and Maxi?
Original is La Bassine's smaller birthing pool, Maxi is the larger variant. La Bassine's small birthing pool has standing chambers while Maxi has three lying on top of each other.

Is La bassine a comfort label?
Inflatable walls and floors provide very good cushioning and will ensure the comfort needed in all positions, during labor and birth. The pools' inflatable floor is approx. 7 cm thick. This air layer provides very good support, which is appreciated when, for example, you are kneeling. You don't need extra padding under the birth pool.

Can you sit or hang on the sides of the birthing pool?
When properly inflated, the sides of the birthing pool are strong enough for an adult to sit on the edge of the birthing pool and you can lean in any position against its edges.

How much do the birthing pools weigh?
La bassine's small birthing pool holds about 450 liters when 80% full, which weighs about 450 kg.
La bassine's large birthing pool holds about 650 liters when 80% full, which weighs about 650 kg.

Some are worried that the weight of the birthing pool will be too heavy for one's house or apartment. This obviously differs from home to home, but here is a formula you can use as a starting point:

The birthing room's load is approximately 400 kg per square meter (including water and you as the birth). The standard when building residential buildings is to be able to load each square meter with 200 kg. Therefore, a point load of 400 kg per square meter should not be a problem. In order to make a more accurate calculation, you need to know what the house is standing on, eg concrete slab, crawl space, etc.

!! This formula was developed by Nordic birth and is protected by copyright law. Read more under legal notice.

How do you get in and out of the birthing pool? Do I need a stool or chair?
La Bassine has a comfortable exterior height to easily get in and out of the birthing pool without a stool. A birthing pool should not be so high that it is a struggle to get in and out during ongoing labor.

A tip - If you are very short or have coarse foaling, we recommend letting air out of the middle chamber of a Maxi. In this way, you can regulate the height of your birthing pool.

How do I keep hot water in the birthing pool?
A heat cap is recommended to keep hot water. Inflatable birthing pools hold better insulation than a birthing pool made of dull material, which means that the water is warmer for longer.

In a room at 25 °C, the temperature of the water drops by less than 1 °C per hour. Hot water kettles provide a quick way to raise the temperature of the pool if it starts to cool. Buckets of hot water also work well or a hose connected to a faucet. Empty the birthing pool first into cool buckets before filling with new warm water.

How long does it take to fill a La bassine birthing pool?
It takes about 25-35 minutes to fill a La Bassine birthing pool, depending on the size and your water flow.