Liner guide

Liner is a disposable product and is used as a protection in the birth pool to protect against the spread of blood and infection between different users.

Liners come as accessories for all birth pools regardless of brand. These liners are made to fit that brand's birth pool and any size. These liners are usually called "Fitted liner" or "Custom fit liner" and have a so-called custom size according to the brand and the size of the pool. For example La bassine Maxi Liner is specially designed for that particular birth pool. This means that there is no other liner that has a better fit than this one.

In addition to the brands' own liners, there are so-called "Universal liners" or "Generic liners". These are produced as a cost-effective alternative but with a less compatible fit. These liners are usually available in larger and smaller sizes and with or without handle protection.

Our liners

Birth pool in a box (BPIAB) Mini liner
Birth pool in a box (BPIAB) Regular liner
La bassine (LB) Original liner
La bassine (LB) Maxi liner
MiA ViA Serenity liner
Mia Via Tranquility liner
Oasis Elite liner
Oasis Oval liner
Universal liner (large)
Compatible liner
Oasis universal liner

Below is a guide on which liners fit which birthing pools, both the brands own liners but also universal liners.

Liner guide

Pool                               Best fit                               Second best fit

BPIAB Mini                    BPIAB Mini Liner                Compatible liner
BPIAB Regular             BPIAB Regular Liner            Universal liner

LB Original                   LB Original liner                   Oasis generic liner
LB Maxi                        LB Maxi liner                        Universal liner

Mia Via Serenity          Serenity liner                       Universal liner
MiA Via Tranquility      Tranquility liner                   Universal liner

Oasis Elite                    Oasis Elite liner                  Oasis generic liner
Oasis Oval                    Oasis Oval liner                 Oasis generic liner