User guide water pump


La Bassine's water pump is safely inspected and tested to ensure both safety and operational performance. Failure to follow the instructions and warnings in this manual can result in the pump being destroyed and/or causing serious damage. Read this manual and save for future use.
The water pump comes with three couplings in different sizes for contact with the water hose.


  • Always disconnect the power socket before handling the pump.
  • Do not let the pump run dry.
  • Do not lift the pump by the power cord.
  • Do not pump hot liquids.
  • Use only in fresh water.
  • Run the pump fully submerged for proper cooling.
  • Make sure your power cord is under the outlet so that a U or downward shape is formed by the cord. This will prevent water from running down the power cord into the outlet.


  • Do not connect to any voltage other than shown on the pump.
  • Do not pump flammable liquids.
  • Do not use in an outlet without a ground-fault circuit breaker.
  • To reduce the risk of electric shock, use only in portable stand-alone fountains no larger than 1.5 meters in any dimension.
  • Do not use in water warmer than 30°.


  • A clogged or dirty intake will greatly reduce the pump's performance. If the pump is used on a dirty surface, raise it slightly to reduce the amount of debris/dirt that comes into contact with the suction. If less flow is desired, adjust the flow control lever on the side of the pump. 
  • Do not run the pump without being submerged in water. Doing so may cause damage to the pump. Always put the pump in water first and then connect to the power outlet. At first, the pump probably cannot pump water because there is air in the pump and pipe. Do not worry. Remove and plug the pump into the power outlet several times. It works very well at once.

If the pump fails to perform, check the following:

  • Check or try another outlet to make sure the pump is getting power. Note! Always disconnect from the power outlet before you leave the pump. 
  • Check for stops or obstructions. Algae formation can be flushed out with a garden hose. 
  • Check that the intake grille is not clogged with dirt. 
  • Remove the pump grille to access the impeller area. Turn the rotor to make sure it is not broken or stuck.