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Nordic birth

Baby salve Lullaby (Eco)

Baby salve Lullaby (Eco)

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A nice, protective and effective care, gentle baby ointment with 100% natural ingredients!

A pleasant and soothing salve for gentle but effective baby care. With organic raw shea that softens, cares and nourishes the skin and white clay that prevents and cares for irritated skin! The ointment acts as a protective barrier against liquid and keeps the exposed skin baby soft and healthy.

Natural wool fat in the ointment has a double-acting effect! It repels moisture but also has a valuable ability to neutralize the corrosive ammonia in the urine which otherwise easily creates an imbalance and irritates the sensitive baby skin.

The ointment is designed to be used not only in the diaper area. Apply the ointment on, for example, dry, red skin, around the mouth if necessary and use it as a protective weather ointment on babies and children.

60 ml in glass jar.

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