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Nordic birth

Birth pool in a box Regular (personal) + liner

Birth pool in a box Regular (personal) + liner

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Birth pool in a box is recommended by midwives worldwide.

The first and only FDA-approved birth pool was designed in careful consultation with mothers and midwives. The result is a step forward in the development of birth pools and has been used in thousands of home and hospital births.

Birth pool in a box Eko Mini plus is a personal birth pool that comes with a Birth pool in a box liner.

The birth pool is made of eco-friendly materials, 0.38 mm eco pvc cadmium, lead and latex free. Meets EU regulations on maximum levels of phthalates.

Birth pool in a box birth pools come with a seat and cup holder.

Choose Birth pool in a box because:

• It is wonderfully comfortable and welcoming
• Has handles in all the right places
• Has a built-in seat for bonding with baby after birth
• Is easy to clean with the included liner
• Has a size that fits you and your place of birth
• Can be adjusted to the right height for you with its 3 independent chambers
• Is certified by regulatory authorities for medical devices in Europe and the USA

Handles: 2 on the side, front and back, and 2 on top (total of 6)
Outer dimensions: 193 x 165 cm
Inner dimensions: 142 x 114 cm
Inner height: 69 cm
Water depth: Minimum 45 cm, maximum 58 cm
Edge thickness: 25 cm
Inflatable floor: 5 cm
Built-in seat: Yes
Cup holder: Yes
MyAnchor compatible: Yes
Pool material: 0.38 mm Eco PVC (cadmium, lead and latex free)
Liner material: 0.20 mm Eco PVC (cadmium, lead and latex free)
Rec. max height at birth: No limit
Place for partner: Yes
Inflation time: approx. 20 min
Water filling time: approx. 45-55 min
Water capacity: 650 liters when 80% full
Weight when filled: 659 kg incl. giving birth
Floor color: White
Warranty: Single use

Blue storage bag included.

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