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Beeswax yellow pellets 100 g (Eco)

Beeswax yellow pellets 100 g (Eco)

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Waxy and very greasy. High melting point - 63°C. Used for candle making, in salves, cerats and fatty creams as texture givers and softeners).

Used for skin care products such as calendula salve, beeswax salve and beeswax, beeswax is also excellent in a number of other areas of use such as for example: impregnation of e.g. tents and for making candles, etc

Beeswax protects against weather and wind, repels cold and water, preserves heat and moisture. It also soothes irritated skin, which gets peace and quiet under the wax protection, softens dry and flaky skin. The beeswax also has antibiotic properties.

Beeswax is not absorbed by the skin but settles on the surface with an oily and waxy feeling. It does not clog pores like paraffin. Beeswax can withstand heat and is best melted in a water bath together with oil and fat.

Scientific name: Cerat Flava
Country of origin: Germany

  • Organic: Yes
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