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Vitamin E nature-identical 10 ml

Vitamin E nature-identical 10 ml

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Vitamin E Nature-identical, with vitamin designation dl-alpha-tocopherol 920 IU/gram. Resembles and works like vitamin E, but contains a little less vitamin E than species. Chemically produced, but effective against oxidation.
Dose 0.5 – 1% in creams/lotions, skin and massage oils.

Vitamins in skin and hair care products have two different purposes:
1. Most vitamins act as antioxidants, i.e. prevent fat and oil from going rancid in the product and later on
the skin.
2. To have a certain effect on the skin! Of course, we can absorb certain vitamins through the skin (a debated fact). What good can they possibly do? Can the skin lack vitamins? More information can be found in The gold from the plants, art. no. 7041 and Create your own natural cosmetics, art. no. 7024.

Scientific name: Tocopherol

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