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Fire Quartz Breast and Womb Massage Crystal

Fire Quartz Breast and Womb Massage Crystal

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Important for every woman's well-being is the care of her breasts and uterus. An easy way to nourish and encourage a healthy, vibrant body is through massage. Massage away all the thoughts you can carry after a day.

Massage is a great way to pamper yourself, and it's a powerful tool to help you take care of your well-being, whether you have a specific condition, are looking for preventative care, or just a simple stress reliever.

Get comfortable with yourself and honor the goddess within!

The perfect size and grip, we've just made it so much easier to perform a nourishing self-massage with our breast and womb crystals. Additionally, the natural crystal energy promotes healing and helps women connect with their feminine energy.

  • Perfect grip for self-massage
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Release toxin
  • Encourages healthy tissue

Dimensions: 7.5 cm

Encourage healthy, vibrant breasts, organs and uterine space through self-massage with our crystal massagers. Nurture yourself and bring out the divine feminine, creative energy within you.

Invite the energetic vibrations of your chest crystal to align and balance your heart chakra in each breast and show yourself unconditional love. Regular breast massage encourages vibrant, healthy breasts as the perfect routine for preventative self-care and self-love.

Or balance your sacral chakra, deep within your pelvic floor is your energy vortex and gives you the ability to manifest and draw out your creative energy. Womb massage allows you to connect to this energy and promotes a balanced pelvic floor for healthy organs and blood flow.

  • Each fire quartz will have a unique appearance of translucent clear quartz with red-orange rust veins.
  • Corresponds to the root chakra.
  • Fire quartz is used to calm anxiety, bring clarity and balance mind, body and spirit.


Breast massage crystals are used to promote vibrant healthy breasts for self care and preventative maintenance.

Perform chest massage 4-5 days a week, start by massaging nearby areas, then move from the center outwards and push out toxins.

Uterine massage helps align the organs of the pelvic floor, promote healthy blood flow, ease PMS symptoms, connect to your womb space and bring out your creative energy.

Perform uterine massage 2-3 days a week, starting by massaging upwards from the pelvis to the navel, then moving in a crescent shape from above and around the navel downwards. You can focus on your ovaries on each side by moving in a circular motion.

Visit the Gemstone Yoni guide (in English) for more in-depth information and how-to:

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