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Nordic birth

Birth stool - rent

Birth stool - rent

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Why buy when you can rent?

Protect the environment and choose to rent equipment instead of buying new. Do you know that a pilates ball will just end up lying in the attic or in a closet, our rental is the perfect choice for you!

Reliable rental service

Today, we have over 100 rentals in our luggage, which has given us the confidence that what we offer is in demand and appreciated in addition to the great response we have received in return!

Birth stool

Solid birth stool in wood and metal with removable legs. On the underside of each leg, you see which leg should sit in which place. The underside of the birth stool is equipped with "handles".

The stool is mainly intended for rent to those who are planning a home birth and want a birth stool. Birth stools are usually available in most maternity wards.

The rental period is based on estimated birth. You have full access to the birth stool for 6 weeks including time to send it back. Associated storage bag is included for easier storage and transport. The storage bag has a shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry.

Rental period

Please state the child's estimated date of birth in the checkout message box. We calculates the rental period according to these. If you want to place the weeks differently, let them know. 6 weeks are included in the rental cost.

If you want to add rental weeks, a cost of SEK 250/week will be added. Notify us of this together with the above-mentioned information.

We send rental products throughout Sweden.


Payment options are via Klarna checkout where you choose to pay directly, invoice or pay in installments. You choose the payment option yourself at checkout.

Shipping included
To make it as smooth as possible for you, shipping to and from you is included. You don't have to keep track of anything or pay extra on top of the rental cost!
If you pass by our warehouse, you are welcome to collect and leave your rental package there. We communicate a day and time that suits both parties.

You choose the shipping option yourself at checkout.

Rental conditions

Please note that when purchasing this product, please read carefully our rental terms and conditions which require approval at checkout before proceeding.
Our rental conditions .

Return your rental product

Book your return online or call us on (phone number) to arrange the return. You also have the opportunity to hand in your rental products in our warehouse Mon-Fri 09:00-15:00.

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