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Cocoa butter (eco)

Cocoa butter (eco)

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Organic cocoa butter with food quality

Cocoa butter Deodorized, organic. Very fat. Has the same melting point as our skin, approx. 38'C. Is therefore the best choice as a texture giver for solid massage cakes. Provides softness and some protection in ointments, cerat, creams, body butter etc. The cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao L) is a tropical, evergreen tree that grows 5-12 m tall. It is one of the world's most important cultivated plants and is grown in tropical parts of South America and Africa. The flower sits directly on the stem. From it develop the up to 25 cm long and cucumber-like fruits, which are yellow-brown in color. There are 20-40 flat seeds hidden inside the fruit - the cocoa beans.

These are fermented to remove the bitter taste. They are then roasted and ground. Through hot pressing at 60°C, cocoa butter is obtained, which is about 45% of the cocoa bean. The cocoa butter contains mostly monounsaturated and saturated fatty acids and has a very good shelf life. It is a yellow and solid fat, which melts at 32-35°C (the skin's own temperature). The fat is used as a consistency agent in ointments, lipsticks, waxes, creams, etc. It can be used together with or instead of beeswax. Cocoa butter is a mild fat that most people tolerate well. It is especially good for dry skin, as it nourishes, softens, soothes and protects the skin. It gives a melting sensation on the skin and lips. If too much is added, the cerate can look dry. Cocoa butter is otherwise an important ingredient as a texture agent in good chocolate, where it gives precisely that wonderful melting sensation when the chocolate comes into contact with our warm mouth.

Scientific name: Theobroma cacao Butter, Country of origin: Dominican Republic

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