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Nordic birth



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Pain relief from a comb?

There are various theories as to why the comb can work as a pain reliever during birth, among other things:

🔹Acupuncture - It is said that the spikes of the comb reach points in the hand that stimulate the secretion of endorphins which are pain relievers.

🔹The gate theory - Signals are sent in the body via nerves up to the brain. Pain signals can be inhibited by signals that do not transport pain, which leads to a reduction in the pain experience. This theory explains why we hold a toe immediately after stubbing it or blowing on a child's abrasion. Or why massage can work as a pain reliever during childbirth.

🔹Coping strategy - gives something to focus on & follow during the pain. It provides positive control & becomes a way to manage the pain.

How to use:
When the pain ends, wrap the hand around the comb so that the spikes reach the "upper pad" of the palm. When the pain subsides, you release the comb & relax...

The combs are made of plastic and are sold individually.

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