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Coconut oil (Eco)

Coconut oil (Eco)

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Holistic Coconut Oil is organic, unrefined, unbleached, non-deodorized, virgin and cold-pressed below 40 degrees. Coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids, especially the important fatty acids lauric acid and caprylic acid. Made from coconuts from the Philippines according to FairTSA's Fair Trade guidelines.
Cold-pressed coconut oil is a saturated fat. But unlike other saturated fats, which have long fatty acids, coconut oil consists of medium-long fatty acids. The cold-pressed coconut oil's fatty acids are absorbed directly in the intestine via the portal vein to the liver and then into the blood. In this way, coconut oil is absorbed much faster than other fats.

Coconut oil is more easily digestible than long saturated fatty acids and is used as energy in the body's cells just like carbohydrates.

Cold-pressed coconut oil acts as the body's survival energy, ketones. It gives the brain the same quick energy it gets from carbohydrates - without the disadvantages that carbohydrates have. Cold-pressed coconut oil is thus an optimal source of energy during exercise or during diets low in carbohydrates, for example LCHF.
Natural variations can occur depending on the season, soil and more.

  • 100 percent cold-pressed, organic coconut oil
  • Taste Coconut
  • Quantity 500 ml
  • Storage Store dry and not above normal room temperature. Opened packaging is kept tightly closed.
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