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Colloidal silver 250 ml

Colloidal silver 250 ml

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Holistic Colloidal Silver is a disinfectant for purifying drinking water. Classified as biocide, product type 5, according to the Biocides Ordinance.
Holistic Colloidal Silver is an electrolytically manufactured ionic product, which should not be confused with a nano-silver product or products containing silver in other forms such as silver nitrate, silver chloride, etc. By nano-silver product is meant a product that consists of more than 50% silver nanoparticles. Holistic Colloidal Silver does not contain more than 30% silver nanoparticles and is not classified as a nano-silver product. Holistic Colloidal Silver is a biocide product, i.e. the product is not a dietary supplement.
Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Add two teaspoons of Colloidal Silver to 1 liter of drinking water. Shake. The water is then ready to drink. Quantity declaration 10 ml (two teaspoons) of colloidal silver contains 100 micrograms of silver, which is the same as 10 ppm.

Deionized water
Silver ions (10 mg per liter)

  • Quantity 250 ml
  • Storage Store at room temperature and out of the reach of small children.
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