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Nordic birth

Compatible liner

Compatible liner

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This compatible liner (non-OEM) is created to fit the smaller birth pools with less overhang.

- High-quality ECO phthalate-free 0.20 mm PVC.
- Structured to reduce the risk of slipping. Texturing also makes the lining more flexible and easier to handle.
- Water fill lines mark right on the material.
- Individually wrapped.

Compatible with:
Best compatible with Birth pool in a box Mini (personal and professional) and La bassine Original (personal and professional).

This non-OEM liner is made of the same high standards as all other liners. The material is 0.20mm eco PVC (equivalent to what's used by the original equipment manufacturer) and meets existing UK and EU regulations on maximum phthalate content. Free from cadmium, lead and latex.

Why use a liner?

Adding a disposable liner to your birth pool adds strength and makes cleaning quick and easy. Liners are a must when reusing birth pools. Liners can also help extend the life of your birth pool as they help support the weight of the water.

How to use liner

- Let the liner reach room temperature.
- Open the liner and spread it over your birth pool. Drape over the top and down the outside of the birth pool.
- Fill with water up to the line or below.
- The water will smooth out the liner.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) by definition is the part (product) sold from the manufacturer's distribution channel.
Parts that are not sold through the equipment manufacturer's distribution channel are referred to by the manufacturers as non-OEM parts.

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