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Nordic birth

Lavanda rebozo 2,7 m

Lavanda rebozo 2,7 m

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Rebozo is an extension of loving hands and is made to follow all of life's transitions.

These soft rebozos are 100% cotton handwoven on a pedal loom in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The rebozo is a shawl used in Mesoamerican culture for many purposes and is an important companion, especially in life cycles and transitions.
Rebozo is also a garment and is used for baby clothes, ceremonial purposes and traditional medicine to name a few.

Violet rebozo.
This rebozo has a base of thin purple and violet stripes and light violet weave. The diamond figure is made with purple color and goes in 3 wide sections in the tails and the middle has 3 narrower diamond patterns. You can find different details and textures throughout the rebozo.


  • Only handwoven textiles from biodegradable materials.
  • Antama manufactures these in a perfect size to fit even tall people and make you feel safe and cozy.
  • It's a high-quality lifelong companion that keeps getting softer. Because Antama only uses plant-based threads, their rebozos breathe in any climate.
  • Each rebozo intertwines the traditional knowledge of the craftsman and native resistance, so you can feel supported, cozy and protected.
  • With your rebozo you can keep your body warm and connect with your partner, friends and babies.
  • Imagine bonding with your child while keeping your hands free to fulfill other dreams at the same time. Antamas rebozos are here to make it easier.
  • Antama invests 10% of its monthly profit back into its community. This is an act of solidarity towards traditional midwives, wisdom keepers and local communities.


Approx. 2.7 m (+fringes)
About 68-75 cm wide

Washing instructions:

Wash at least once before use.

- Soft program
- Wash at 40 degrees
- Mild, preferably organic detergent
- Dry in the shade
- Tie the lashes together to avoid tangling (Or, for example, use an elastic hair band or a laundry bag to protect them)
- No bleach, preferably no tumble dryer
- Laundry bag recommended


Handwoven rebozos may contain weaver's knots, pulls, or other signs of handwork. Small changes in color and/or size may occur due to changes in the thread sections and the fact that they are handmade by different craftsmen. Each item is ultimately a unique piece.

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