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Nordic birth

Tree of Life, Chakra

Tree of Life, Chakra

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Chakra balancing is bringing energy back to a functioning and harmonious state.

Base Chakra: (garnet) Red stimulation, attention, life force, courage and vitality.
Navel Chakra: (carnelian) Orange, Joy, strength, powerful, sensuality.
Solar Plexus: (Citrine) yellow Strength, confidence, self-esteem.
Heart Chakra: (green aventurine) green, naturally calming, healing and supportive, love, self-acceptance.
Throat Chakra: (aquamarine) light blue, communication, clarity, calm, listening, self-expression.
Third Eye: (Sodalite) Indigo, Intuition, insight, "sixth sense," imagination.
Crown Chakra: (Amethyst) Purple, Cosmic Awareness, Higher Consciousness, Faith, Spiritual Power.

Size of the pendant: 35mm
Chain length: 60cm
Nickel and lead free.

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