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Almond oil cold pressed 100 ml (Eco)

Almond oil cold pressed 100 ml (Eco)

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Almond oil cold pressed organic - a classic skin care oil: mild, softening and non-irritating. It spreads evenly over the skin and is absorbed after a while.

The origins of almond oil: The almond tree blooms profusely with beautiful white or red flowers. It can grow up to seven meters high, and occurs in several different variants. The two most common are the sweet almond tree Prunus amygdalus var dulcis, from which almond oil comes, and the bitter almond tree Prunus amygdalus var amara, from which true bitter almond oil (a volatile, essential oil) can be extracted. The sweet almond tree originated in Asia, but is now grown mainly around the Mediterranean and in California - but also in China, Japan and Australia.

The fruit of the tree is a so-called stone fruit with a tough and fluffy outer covering. Inside the outer casing is a hair t shell, and inside you find the seed itself - the sweet almond. The almond consists of almost 50% oil, which is either extracted by cold pressing or hot pressing and extraction.

Crearome's cold-pressed almond oil has a scent and taste and is more expensive in price. The hot-pressed/extracted is a cheaper variant, with the aroma and taste removed. Almond oil is semi-fatty and durable, and consists mostly of the monounsaturated fatty acid oleic acid. It also has a content of unsaponifiable substances of 0.5-1% (sterols and vitamin E).

a classic skin care oil: mild, emollient and non-irritating. It spreads evenly over the skin and is absorbed after a while. The oil makes the skin soft, smooth and supple. Suitable for hypersensitive skin, which gets dry easily, and baby skin. It can help relieve skin inflammation and the itching that occurs with dry skin, various types of eczema and psoriasis.

As this oil is not absorbed immediately, it also fits nicely as a base in a massage oil.

Organic cold-pressed almond oil : 100 ml in a special transparent bottle with extra UV protection for longer shelf life! The sizes that come in brown bottles are naturally protected by the color of the bottle.

Scientific name : Prunus amygdalus dulcis Oil
Plant part : Nut
Country of origin : Germany

Some fatty acids in the oils can solidify completely or partially in lower temperatures, for example when stored in a refrigerator or during transport in winter. Place in a water bath or near an element to melt. This does not affect the quality or properties of the oil.

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