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Nordic birth

MiA ViA comfort package

MiA ViA comfort package

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MiA ViA is the new name in home birth products!

We are pleased to offer the MiA ViA comfort package for optimal fetal positioning and preparation for your natural and active birth.

This package provides multiple choices for comfortable positions along with movement while maintaining the ability to roll the hips and stay upright.

The well-thought-out comfort seat is a perfect companion for both you who are about to give birth, your partner or for your midwife/doula.

For extra comfort, a knee support is included. Using new technology, the knee support becomes firmer when weight is applied to it to ensure your knees are off the floor and provide good support.

The MiA ViA Comfort seat is designed to provide the same movement as using a pilates ball combined with the stability of a birth stool.

At the top of the comfort seat is an area cut out to ensure that the perineum is free from pressure. It encourages women to remain upright while allowing them to rest and change positions if they wish, while encouraging optimal fetal positioning.

The MiA ViA comfort seat and knee support is completely portable and waterproof. They can be used at home or in hospital.

The MiA ViA comfort seat is stable and easy to clean and disinfect.
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