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Nordic birth

MiA ViA Pro birthing pool

MiA ViA Pro birthing pool

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Mia Via is the only birthing pool with a custom built large comfortable seat (others have a grooved step - it can be used as a seat but it's not as comfortable)

Are you running out of space?
No problem, the MiA ViA Pro sits in the same footprint as a Mini Pool in a Box
Room for two?
No problem, the MiA ViA Pro uses new technology to provide more space inside the pool - room for two!
Are you a smaller person?
No problem, the MiA ViA Pro is the first fully adjustable birthing pool. Just don't inflate the bottom ring. All without compromising the stability of the wall.

All this together with the fact that Mia Via is the only birthing pool with a specially built kidney-shaped seat. This seat's design is larger and more comfortable than seats in other birthing pools. It has a double layer to ensure stability.

Birthing bags are supposed to be blue, right?
Wrong. Blue is not only a cold, masculine and clinical color. It also prohibits the use of UV control of a birthing pool's cleanliness. Blood shows blue under UV light but you can't see this on a blue birth pool making it a poor color choice.

MiA ViA uses a silvery color to provide a soft, warm and strong feminine color that not only looks great in photos but very much gives the right feel needed for your birth.

- 4 handles (location?)
- Large inner seat.
- Outer dimensions: max length 165 cm, max width 145 cm max height 75 cm
- Internal dimensions: max length 135 cm, max width 110 cm, max depth 69 cm.
- Water capacity: 470 liters at 80% filling
- Floor inflated to 6 cm deep, so well cushioned.
- Full weight (with working mother) 560-600kg.
- Unfilled weight 9 kg.

- Birth pool: 0.55 mm eco-friendly PVC.
- Liner: 0.22 mm environmentally friendly PVC.

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