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Nordic birth

Oasis Elite (professional) + liner

Oasis Elite (professional) + liner

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America's number one best selling birth pool - Now available in Sweden!
Contributes with quality at affordable prices.

The Oasis range of birth pools are designed by American midwife Debra Nelson in collaboration with midwives and hospitals across the US.

Nelson is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality birth products to American birth families and caregivers.

We are proud to present these birth pools to Sweden and the Nordics to provide a wider range of choices for all water births!

This birt pool is already the first choice for private midwives in the UK.

Elite's unique wave structure along with its transparent sides provide a peaceful and soothing place for you to bring your baby into the world.

Oasis birth pools come in a turquoise color.

Features and Benefits
  • Thicker material than similar pools on the market.
  • No phthalates.
  • Three air chambers instead of one.
  • Larger air vents for easy inflation.
  • Better floor damping.
  • Oval shape takes up less floor space.
  • 168 x 137 x 71 cm.
  • Water capacity 435 liters
  • 0.46 mm eco-phthalate free vinyl
  • Storage bag included.

Technical information

  • The S-Beam design prevents your pool from completely collapsing in the event of an accidental puncture.
  • The single air chamber inflates 50% faster than 3-ring pools.
  • The only S-beam water birth pool on the market. Oasis Elite S-beam design provides exceptional strength and beauty. The single air chamber means quick inflation and deflation. The S-beam allows for a narrower 20cm top, making this pool easier to step into. Other pools are 23 to 30cm wide.

Water depth marks
Oasis Elite provides you with starting water depth marks and maximum water depth marks. No more guessing about how much water to add to the birthing pool. Fill your birth pool to the "Starting Water Depth" mark, then add water to the desired depth after entering the birth pool.

Comfort-Grip Handle
The Comfort-Grip handles on the Oasis Elite Water Birth Pool are larger and stronger than handles on other pools. Ergonomically designed for better grip and increased comfort. Perfect for position changes, support when crouching and help with crouching.

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