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Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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Palo Santo comes from the sacred tree Bursera Graveolens in Ecuador. It is completely natural and no aroma has been added, but the smell is natural. Palo Santo has been made from dead and naturally fallen trees.

Palo Santo has been used by e.g. Inca Indians, shamans for thousands of years in various sacred ceremonies. Used to cleanse and remove bad energies in places, homes or people.

Useful for meditation, deep concentration or healing. Also said to work well against mosquitoes, gnats, etc.

Light a Palo Santo make sure it burns, then blow out the flame and pass the holy smoke over those to be cleansed or place on a fireproof dish. Extinguish your Palo Santo by immersing it in water to make sure it is extinguished. Can be used multiple times.

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