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Peanut ball - L

Peanut ball - L

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"Peanut ball" falls under the category of pilates balls fixed with the shape of a peanut. 

Peanut balls have become very popular birthing tools to help the baby take optimal positions in the pelvis and thus promote labor. They also work well for those who have chosen an epidural as mobility is usually reduced, with a Peanut ball the possibility of movement increases.

Choosing the right size is not only about the height of the child, but also the position in which the ball is used. The air level changes the size of the ball significantly.

General size guide:

  • SMALL 40 cm - Recommended for mothers under 160 cm.
  • MEDIUM 50 cm - Recommended for mothers who are over 160 cm to 168 cm. (This is the most common size).
  • LARGE 60 cm - Recommended for mothers who are over 170 or taller.
  • X-LARGE 70 cm - Only used for sitting on.

Material: Environmentally friendly PVC & anti-burst.
Weight: 1.4 kg
Color: Silver

Length: 78 cm long
Height: 35 cm high
Circumference narrowest: 93 cm
Circumference at widest: 120 cm

Please note that our measurements are approximate. Based on the level of inflation, the size changes significantly.

For more information about using the peanut ball during childbirth, read HERE .

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