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Nordic birth

Pilates ball (anti burst) 65 cm

Pilates ball (anti burst) 65 cm

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Anti burst birth ball gradually deflates in the event of a sudden puncture, which prevents you and your baby from being injured.

These birthing balls are thicker, stronger and safer than most standard pilates balls with a non-slip material for added stability. 

Instruction booklet
8-page instructional booklet showing various exercises for use during pregnancy, labor and postpartum training.

Pregnancy - use the ball to sit comfortably, prenatal exercises to maintain strength during pregnancy and prepare for birth.

Labor - use the ball to manage contractions and pains, as relaxation and for support  in active labor positions.

Postpartum  - start gently and build up to more advanced ball exercises to get back to your original strength. 

The booklet is in English.

Size guide:
55 cm: Length >155 cm
65 cm: Length 155 - 173 cm
75 cm: Length <173 cm

Choose the right size for you:
A birthing ball should be larger and firmer than a regular pilates ball used in training. 

When you sit on the ball with your feet flat on the floor, your hips should be about 10 cm above your knees. This elevated sitting position shifts the baby's weight forward, providing relief from back pain and general discomfort during pregnancy.

This position also keeps the pelvis open and relieves pressure on the lower back that is common during labor. 

Maximum load: 300 kg but anti-burst up to 120 kg.
Material: 100% PVC, latex-free, phthalate-free.
Colour: Pearlescent light gold.

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