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Rhassoul clay powder

Rhassoul clay powder

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Rhassoul clay powder
A special kind of clay that has been used since the days of Antiquity, and which is mined in the underground tunnels of the Atlas Mountains. This clay, also called Moroccan rahssoul , has a cleansing effect - it absorbs fat and dirt from the skin, hair and scalp without damaging the hair structure and the skin's natural fat layer.

How to use: 15g of rasullera powder (approx. 15 ml) absorbs 25 ml of water (hydrolates, herbal decoction) and swells to 35-40 ml. This is enough for one hair wash/body wash. If you make larger quantities, keep the mixture for one to two weeks in a jar with a lid.

Amount: 100 g

Scientific name: Moroccan lava clay
Country of origin: Morocco

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