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Castor oil cold pressed 100 ml (Eco)

Castor oil cold pressed 100 ml (Eco)

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Castor oil cold-pressed organic: is a fatty, very stable and durable oil with a very special texture.

Lips: Perfect lip gloss oil! Smear it directly on the lips or use it in lip gloss products.

Hair/skin: Very popular hair oil, strengthens the hair, gives shine and stimulation to the scalp. To be washed out! Good facial cleansing oil and anti-pigmentation oil.

Massage: Warms up with advantage during back massage. As a massage oil, this oil is advantageously mixed with other vegetable oils .

The sizes that come in brown bottles are naturally protected by the color of the bottle ( extra UV protection for longer durability).

Scientific name: Ricinus communis Oil
Plant part: Seed
Country of origin: India

Fatty acid composition
Palmitic acid C16:0..........1%
Stearic acid C18:0.......2%
Oleic acid C18:1........2.5-5%
Linoleic acid C18:2...........3-6%
Ricinoleic acid C12-OH 18:1...........about 88%
Freezing point: Below -15°C

Some fatty acids in the oils can solidify completely or partially in lower temperatures, for example when stored in a refrigerator or during transport in winter. Place in a water bath or near an element to melt. This does not affect the quality or properties of the oil.

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