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Blanket gray dotty (GOTS)

Blanket gray dotty (GOTS)

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A small, soft and cozy blanket in 100% organic cotton knitwear of really soft and fine quality. A simple piece to always have with you. One side with print and one side plain.

Size: 30x30 cm
Color: Gray dotty
Material: 100% organic cotton
Marking: GOTS
Washing instructions: 40℃ or 60℃
Country of manufacture: India

Soft snuff blanket in 100% organic and GOTS-certified cotton.

That a product is GOTS certified means that the product is certified all the way from the organic cotton cultivation to dyeing, production, handling and storage. Only products that meet GOTS' high requirements throughout the entire production chain may carry the GOTS logo together with a separate certification number for identification.

What does GOTS mean?
GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. The GOTS certification demonstrates environmental thinking and social responsibility in the entire chain, from cultivation, preparation and manufacturing to the finished product.

The GOTS label shows that the product is made from organically grown raw material, i.e. cotton from certified organic cotton farmers who are fairly paid and can live on their wages. Around the organic cotton cultivation, it is a good environment, no pesticides are allowed, water quality is protected and soil erosion is prevented. GOTS has strict restrictions on chemical use. The GOTS certification shows that the products are completely free of substances harmful to health and have been so throughout the production chain up to the finished product. When coloring the products, the colors must not contain any toxins that are harmful to humans or the environment.

For GOTS certification, demands are made on working environment and social rights for those who work in the various ranks. From the fabric, products are sewn by adults, trained seamstresses and tailors who can live on their wages, who get development opportunities regardless of gender and who are free to express their opinions. With a GOTS-marked product, you can be sure that the product is fairly produced, that workers are fairly paid and work under good working conditions.

The entire process, from cotton cultivation to production and storage of products, is checked annually by special certification bodies to ensure that everything takes place according to GOTS rules. No deviations may be made if the final product is to be marked with GOTS.

The GOTS mark is also a seal of quality. In order for a product to be labeled with GOTS, the product must meet special quality requirements in terms of wash fastness, shrinkage and wear.

The end result is organic products of the highest quality that have not been in contact with harmful chemicals and are therefore kind to both children and the environment. Products that we are proud of and hope you will like a lot.

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