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Nordic birth

Universal liner (large)

Universal liner (large)

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Has been developed to provide a cost effective alternative.

- Quality
- Simple
- Cost effective

Compatible with:

Birth Pool in a Box Regular
Birth pool in a box Mini (slightly worse fit).
La bassine Maxi
Mia Via Tranquility
Mia Via Serenity

If you want a better fit for a smaller birth pool such as La bassine Original or Birth pool in a box mini, we recommend this Compatible liner instead.

Conforms to all UK & EU standards for birth pool liners including the global ISO 9001 standard.

Made from the same quality 0.20mm eco-PVC as the original liners (meaning it meets EU phthalate content regulations) and is free of cadmium, lead and latex. It has a non-slip embossing and hose holder. It is manufactured according to the same procedures as branded liners.

This universal liner is longer than any of the original liners on the market, which means that a larger part of the outer pool wall is covered - making it easier to clean and protect the pool.

The Universal liner feels softer than other liners which means less noisy rustling when you try to "get in the zone" and allows for smoother draping of the liner and an easier fit.

Why use a liner?

Adding a disposable liner to your birth pool adds strength and makes cleaning quick and easy. Liners are a must when reusing birth pools. Liners can also help extend the life of your birth pool.

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