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Nordic birth

Waterproof mattress protectors (disposable) 3-pack

Waterproof mattress protectors (disposable) 3-pack

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Suggestion: 2-3 sheets for home birth.

Are intended to protect your mattress during birth.

These disposable covers are nicer to cover the bed with than a shower curtain because they breathe better and don't make you sweat.

Dimensions: 106 cm x 213 cm

You cover your mattress with a regular mattress protector, then use two of these disposable protectors to cover the entire bed, then put a (preferably old) sheet over it. After the birth, you easily remove your old sheets and waterproof sheets from the bed.

These disposable covers can also be used to drape sofas or floors if you choose to feed somewhere other than in bed. Reinforce protection with incontinence protection .

Can also be used as protection in case of milk leakage and postpartum bleeding.

Picture 2 shows 1 disposable cover in a 160 cm bed.

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