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Venus from Willendorf - Postcard

Venus from Willendorf - Postcard

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Venus of Willendorf

This small Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) figurine was found during an excavation in Austria in 1908.

She can be seen today at the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

There are about 200 more Venus figurines found around Europe after the discovery of this one.

She is suspected to be 22-24,000 years old, making her one of the oldest and most famous surviving works of art.

It is not known how she was made, what cultural significance she had or what she symbolised.

Some speculations about what she symbolizes:

  • Due to the large thighs, breasts and stomach, it is believed that the figure was a fertility symbol.
  • Obesity = high status, security and success.
  • The feet are too small for the figure to stand on its own - so there are thoughts that she must have been held in the hand as a lucky charm.

The postcards are sold individually.

Dimensions: 15x10.5 cm

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