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Nordic birth

Birth pool comparison chart

Birth pool comparison chart

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Are you about to rent a birth pool or maybe buy one?

Our comparison chart goes through our entire range of birth pools, which includes Birth pool in a box, La bassine, MiA ViA and Oasis.

The market of inflatable birth pools is growing and it can feel like you are being let into a jungle of information and features to think about. You can be both overwhelmed and dizzy.

To facilitate and make the process a little bit easier for you, we have compiled features, sizes, information and other things to consider when choosing your birth pool.

If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us!

Questions to ask yourself
When choosing a birth pool, you should ask yourself a couple of questions to more easily determine what suits you best. In addition to the brands, each size has different pros and cons. By going through the following questions, you will get further help to find out what your needs are and what kind of requirements you have for your birth pool or not.

- Access to water, how close? How big a water tank/amount do you have the option of?
- Hot water?
- How tall are the birthing person?
- How quickly does the pool need to be installed? Consider time to inflate the pool and fill it.
- How large an area do you have for your birth pool? Keep in mind that the surface can be sparse in hospitals.
- Do you want your partner to have a seat in the pool?
- What is your budget?

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